Feathered Friends

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Creator of the Original Designs - Layered Feather Earrings and Feather Cage Earrings!

My scheduled shows

March 5 - First Sat. Art Market in the Heights

March 17 - Discovery Green Flea Market -
Downtown Houston 12-6p

April 14 - Metropolitan Art Show (formerly Bellaire Art Festival) 9-5p

May 5 - First Sat. Art Market in the Heights

May 19 - Discovery Green Flea Market
Downtown Houston 12-6p

June 16 -Discovery Green Flea Market
Downtown Houston 6-10p

Custom jewelry featured on the runway with Elaniblu clothing designs at the Houston Fashion in the Park fashion show- 10/15/10

Featured on Teresa Mallen's Colored Pencil Artwork Newsletter

Featured on About.com DIY Fashion site

My Feather Cage Design was worn during a professional photoshoot and featured on Dedicated Follower of Fashion! They are worn in the first picture and the last picture collage #4.

Welcome to my site! My name is Heather Gaff Mewis and I've been an artist and crafter since I was a small child. I'm a full-time paramedic and decided in 2008 to pursue professional art and jewelry creation part-time. I live in the Houston area, I love custom work and I'm willing to ship internationally (see policies below)

Our beautiful birds, Royal (in front) and Bebe.

 Visit my Artfire Shop!
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I design the majority of my work on the idea of incorporating feathers or bird related ideas but I am willing to take custom work that doesn't involve either.

This site is my catalog of current and previous work. If you would like to purchase any of my current stock items then please visit my online shop at Artfire. My prices are very reasonable and include worldwide shipping.

Visit my Artfire Shop!
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You can also visit my Vintage/Supply Shop
FFM Supplies
for great estate sale finds and jewerly supplies. I'm always adding new items from vintage jewelry to knitting needles.

No account sign up necessary! You can also visit my Vintage/Supply Shop for great estate sale finds and jewerly supplies. I'm always adding new items from vintage jewelry to knitting needles.

If you would like to request a custom work of either art or jewelry using either my feathers or your own bird's feathers please email me:

direct to my phone!

Feedback from previous customers
100% on all sites!

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*For my international customers*
Please be aware of your country's custom import regulations. I'm willing to ship worldwide but some countries have strict rules on the import of feathers. I am not responsible for replacement or refund if your item is not released from your country's customs office.

More info about my work!

My prices may be low but my quality is high! I use only quality wire and glass beads for my lower cost items. Semi-precious and precious stones and metal can be used for additional cost.

All feathers are collected after being naturally molted.

Feathers are more durable then most people realize. I use Liquid Fusion glue in my feather clasps before securing them shut. Fusion glue is a clear drying, non-toxic, water resistant, odor free glue. The feathers should last for years when handled with the care you would show any fine jewelry. My Artfire shop (and below) has directions of the care of feather items.

I also offer original works of art by me. I work with watercolor, colored pencil or ink drawings. I also accept custom art commissions of your pet's (all animals) portrait based on your favorite photograph.

Most of my designs can be make in either posts, clip-ons or french hooks for no additional fee.
I also work with sterling silver and gold wire on request for an additional fee.

Contact me at:

Visit my Artfire Shop!

No account sign up necessary for purchase!

Prices and Policies

I don't sell stock items directly from this site. All of my prices are listed in my Artfire shop; link located above.
Custom orders from this site can be placed by emailing me at ffmementos@yahoo.com. After the initial contact I will exchange more detailed personal information if desired for a direct professional relationship.

How to care for your handmade feather item:

Your feathered piece of art was made with care; the feathers personally selected and/or matched by Heather of Feathered Friends Mementos. With care your feathered piece should remain in good condition for years. Feathers are made from keratin which is the same as human hair and fingernails. In the wild birds routinely take water and dust baths to help care for their feathers.

If any of the feathers become bent but the central shaft is not broken the press the feather flat inside a book for a few hours. This should straighten it. After it has straightened, gently but firmly comb and smooth the feather between your thumb and first finger until the smaller bards and filaments reconnect. If feathers become smashed or crushed but not broken they can be steamed back into shape. Just boil water until heavy steam and hold feather in steam for approx 1 -2 mins rotating feather until it puffs back into shape.

If any feathers become soiled or wet they may be lightely washed in plain water, reshaped by hand and allowed to air dry. If there are more extensive stains then a small amount of soap may be used with the water; be sure to rinse the feather throughly then follow above directions.

When not in use they should be stored in a cool, dark place; but occasionally exposure to mild humidity or water will help extend the life of the feathers since sun and time will eventually dry out the keratin and cause splitting; much like human hair. If at any time you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

First class USPS is now FREE worldwide!
If you would like an upgrade to priority or express please contact me for a quote based on your location.

Custom Order Payment
50% of total payment is required as earnest money. I will email you photos of finished product for your final approval. Full payment is required prior to shipping. If you choose not to complete the custom sale the full amount is not due but the 50% down payment is non-refundable.

Payment for custom orders from this site are by either cash, check, money order or paypal(which accepts credit and debit cards). If you are paying by check I will mail the order once the check clears both banks.

Custom Jewelry
Please contact me any ideas you may have, I love the challenge of new ideas. My inexpensive wire jewelry items are made with Artistic Wire - which is the highest quality silver plated copper wire with clear coat to provide tarnishing. Colored wire is the same but with a colored enamel added after the silver and before the clear coat. I also use Artistic Wire in clear coated brass which resembles gold and clear coated copper. I also use lead-free base metals in the rest

However, for additional cost based on current metal prices, I will use sterling silver or gold (filled, 14k, 18k) wire and precious stones. Depending on the specific request additional time my be required if I don't have the specific metal in stock.

There is no custom item fee, my custom work is priced the same as my stock work in the same materials.

Contact me for quote.


Custom Art Bird/Pet Portraits
Created in pencil or colored pencil, prices listed are for 1 pet (face or full body) with abstract background. If you would like multiple pets and/or detailed background please contact me for a quote.

2 x 2 glass/metal framed art: $10

These prices are for unmatted/unframed

ACEO cards 2.5x3.5: $10 each
OSWOA 4x6: $20 each
8x10: $50 each
11 x 14: $100 each

Please contact with your custom art request. I will need a photograph(s) of the pet in the pose you would like reproduced.

I use Prismacolor color pencils and Creatacolor graphite pencils on Bristol heavy weight paper in white. Professional color pencil art can have the appearance of a real photograph and rivals professional paintings in quality.

I spray all artwork with a fixative before shipping. This will protect and extend its life; especially if kept out of direct sunlight and harsh moisture conditions.

Feather Jewelry Guarantee
The first 60 days after purchase I will repair/ replace any item which breaks due to manufacturing problems. After 60 days I will repair/replace any item or parts of items with only parts and labor charged for rare or expensive parts. All my feathers are stored in Borax for at least 3 weeks prior to use to clean them, fumigate for any possible parasites and freshen them. All my feathers are naturally molted and gathered cruelty-free.

All prices include any applicable local taxes.

Gift Wrapping
$2 additional for gift wrapping, includes gift box, lovely wrapping and tissue paper w/ ribbon and original handmade tag.

Third party shipping
Upon request I will mail, for no additional cost, the purchased item to a different address than the payment address. This is a great service if one purchases the item online as a gift for someone at a different location. Email me with the details and I will work to make it a smooth transaction.

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